WTM fully realizes the potentials of 3D printing and has integrated the technology with injection-moulding and CNC milling services to produce custom-designed products such as low-volume and high-value aerospace parts for giant corporates like Airbus and Boeing.


We use 3D printing to create flight parts which cannot be made with traditional manufacturing technique.  3D Printing can also help companies to save production cost by reducing production time.


3D Printing has become a new trend in the medical device manufacturing industry. We have the expertise to create high-quality and accurate prototypes based on your unique designs.


As metal printing technology advances, we can use titanium to create bio-compatible parts for medical use. WTM has a team of medical experts and the high-end equipment ready to serve the medical industry.

We use a Stratasys, Fused Deposition Moldeling Machine to create the prototype or functional end-use product. Why FDM? It is the only machine process using thermoplastics material. There are a few popular additive manufacturing machines that are similar. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) uses powder to form the object and SL (Stereolithography) use a liquid formed from exposure to a UV laser. While both SLS and SL have qualities that fit certain requirements. FDM is the only technique where the final product can withstand heat exposure and mechanical stress and be used for more than just a presentation only model.