Our focus and expertise is on Tooling Fabrication and Injection Molding of Engineering Grade and Ultra Polymer Resins which opens new doors to your Design Engineers and Product Applications.

Being a Hong Kong based company we have the advantage for the free movement of materials in and out of the territory, supported by one of the finest infrastructures in the world today. Further, we are compliant with the Hong Kong Federation of Industries and can therefore export into China Duty Free under the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

When you choose Western Tool and Mold to Engineer, Fabricate and Produce your Plastic Tooling and Molding, you choose a partner who not only has the know-how and capability to make things happen but also the desire and commitment to exceed the most demanding of expectations. As our name implies we are Western owned and operated and as such “We speak your language”.

All of our customers are European and North American with a wide spectrum products ranging from Aerospace, Electrical/Electronic Housings, Critical Care, EMT parts, Sensor Bodies and Metal Replacement Components utilizing Engineering and Ultra Polymers. All injection tooling is to our customer specifications and upon completion they become the property of our customers. The molds are subsequently either exported to our customer or held at our facilities, on their behalf for subsequent production molding.