About Us

Western Tool & Mold Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company, wholly owned by WTM Holdings Group Ltd, which was founded in 2004 by Mr. Collin Wilkerson with the main goal of delivering Asian prices with Western standards to customers located overseas.

We are an AS9100 & ISO 9001 certified company which operates in the strictest quality and manufacturing standards, complying with the global requirements of our customer’s demands.

Our focus and expertise are on 3D Printing, Tooling Fabrication and Injection Moulding of Engineering Grade and Ultra Polymer Resins.

When you choose Western Tool and Mold to engineer, fabricate and produce your 3D printed parts, tooling or moulded parts, you are choosing a partner who not only has the know-how and capability to make things happen but also the desire and commitment to exceed the most demanding of your expectations.

As our name implies, we are a western managed company and we operate as it, as such “We speak your language”.

Being a Hong Kong based company we have the advantage for the free movement of materials in and out of the territory, supported by one of the finest logistic infrastructures in the world today. Further, we are compliant with the Hong Kong Federation of Industries and can, therefore, export into China Duty-Free under the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)

Most of our customers are European and North American with wide spectrum products ranging from Aerospace, Electrical & Electronic Housings, Sensor Bodies or Metal Replacement Components utilizing Engineering and Ultra Polymers.

All the injection tooling is completed following our customer specifications and upon completion, they become the property of our customers.

The molds are subsequently either globally exported to our customer’s sites or held at our facilities, for subsequent production moulding on their behalf.


The Message

I am proud when I see the success that come from customers that trusted Western Tool and Mold as their Product Development Partner.

Since 2004, Western Tool and Mold has been thriving on the satisfaction that comes from solving the technical challenges inherent to product development to our customers. Challenges that only can be done successfully by having the best partner and know-how  supporting the early development.

In WTM, we are proud to count in our portfolio with the highest technical level of customers which thanks to their high level of demand and quality standards, they have helped indirectly the company in a natural way to develop and have a high technical level and know-how within the high-performance polymer solutions, positioning ourselves as leaders in this huge global market.

We overcome these challenges by drawing from the diverse backgrounds of our team members, harnessing their ingenuity, perseverance, and craftsmanship when embracing new opportunities, and continually challenging ourselves to raise the bar.

Our culture is nurtured by our philosophy “where others see problems, we just see a solution”. This is not just our job, it is our passion.

Collin Wilkerson | Founder and CEO