Suppliers Terms & Conditions

Western Tool & Mold Limited – CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS

1. If necessary, supplier shall permit access of WTM, WTM’s customer and regulatory authority to its premises at any reasonable time in order to inspect the Deliverables and relevant record involved in this order.
在有需要時, 供應商應允許華美, 華美的客户及監管機構在任何合理的時間進入其場所,檢查與本採購單相關的交付物品及記錄

2. Supplier shall maintain any quality control record and production record involved in this order as per WTM’s requirement.

3. If necessary, supplier shall notify WTM of non-conforming product, changes in product and /process, change of supplier, change of manufacturing facility and, where required, obtain WTM approval
有需要時,供應商應通知華美有關不符合要求的產品,產品/過程, 供應商及產地來源的變化, 在有需要時,獲得華美的批准

4. IF necessary, flow down the requirement of WTM to the supply chain.
有需要時, 將華美的要求傳遞到供應鏈