3D Printing & Molding Specialist

Using our advanced 3D Printing Machines, we offer our customers the opportunity to obtain a faster return on investment at a lower risk..


Western Tool & Mold Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company, wholly owned by WTM Holdings Group Ltd, which was founded in 2004 by Mr. Collin Wilkerson with the main goal of delivering Asian prices with Western standards to customers located overseas.



Running 24/7, our Mori-Seiki CNC Work Cells are the cornerstone of our Tooling Fabrication. 


Using fully integrated CAD/CAM Technology,  our designs are synchronous throughout the development process.


Our Molding and Engineering Team are certified Master Molders I and II from RJG Plastics where we have conducted multiple on-site training programs.

3D Printing

WTM fully realizes the potentials of 3D printing to produce custom-designed products such aerospace parts for giant corporate like Airbus and Boeing.


We use 3D printing to create flight parts which cannot be made with traditional manufacturing technique.


As metal printing technology advances, we can use titanium to create bio-compatible parts for medical use. 

Jigs & Fixtures

With our inhouse FDM and PolyJet machines we have the capabilities to produce a wide range of parts for our customers.


We have the capabilities to adjust the parts matching our customers’ demands with reliability through all the processes, delivering parts ready to be assembled without mistakes.

Injection Molding

We injection mold – not machine – fluoropolymers and other high performance materials in high volume every day. FEP, PFA, PEEK, PEI, PIA, TPI, PBI and proprietary brands like EXTEM, TORLON, ULTEM give you new ways to solve existing product performance problems or explore entirely new product possibilities. You get better product performance for less than you thought. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Shaping A New Future

WTM Limited, with its extensive experience in the moulding and prototyping industry, has foreseen the enormous potential of 3D printing years ago. As a leading manufacturer of the aerospace and medical equipment and parts, WTM has combined 3D printing technology and traditional manufacturing techniques to provide professional manufacturing services to create high-end designed products.

Our Experience

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